National Gallery Javascript IIPImage Viewer:
This page has been set up to provide examples of some of the web based image processing applications that are being investigated in the scientific department of the National Gallery, London.
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Example Test Panel Painting Example Test Canvas Painting
For further information and contact details for the people responsible for producing the software, used here, please contact Joseph Padfield, or go directly to either of the primary source webpages; IIPImage or Drag & Drop.
Last updated on 16/10/06
  • Updated the DIY instruction to included the details of the adjustments that need to be made to the apache httpd.conf file.
  • These instructions are the same as those which are included in the IIPImage README file, sorry I did not highlight them before.
  • Updated on 29/08/06
  • Corrected several paths in javascript file iipimage_variables.js.
  • The file was also updated within the, so if you tried downloading the DIY site before today you will need to get it again, sorry.